Now let me tell you about the times were going through

I wish we could have great times with our friends with the sky so blue

How could this happen, I have no clue

2020 was supposed to be amazing

But the way things are going it feels like were in a zombie invasion

Now I’m stuck in the house with no inspiration

I truly thought this was going to be a vacation

But all this stress and boredom is just causing frustration

They say stay 6ft apart

I just want to see people

this social distancing is breaking my heart

I ran out of ideas because I can’t go outside

I tried to get rid of that boredom by spending time on my phone but now my brain’s fried

I know I’ve always said I need more time

But yet I only did work one time

If feels like summer but I’m grounded

If someone would’ve told me what this virus would’ve done I would feel completely dumb founded

If there is one thing I’ve learned is who are your real friends

Because your real friends text you till the day ends