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George Floyd!


MondayMay 25th, 2020


Theykilled him

Who killed him?

Fourpolice officers

Onein particular

Whoplaced his knee on Floyd’s throat

Andbrought his full body weight down

Whilethe three others stood around

Andwatched it happen

Foreight minutes

Overkillin the extreme

Becausefor the last

Twominutes 53 seconds

Floydwas already dead


Floyddied hard

Beggingfor his life

Sayingfor all to hear:

“Ican’t breathe!”

Thisproud black man

Whocould have whipped any one

Ofthese tough guy cops

Oneon one in a fair fight

Calledout for his mother, and

Finallymade his final plea:

“P LE A S E ! ! !”

Theydidn’t listen

Theykilled him, anyway


Wednesdaynight May 27th, 2020

Protestorsburned a few buildings

Andmade it obvious that

Theywouldn’t let up

Untiljustice was served


Thursdayafternoon May 28th, 2020

Justicewas not served

Ascompletely tone deaf

Whitemouthpieces held a news conference

Andserved up a word salad

Theworst serving being when

Thecounty attorney stated that the

Copabsolving evidence was not yet in

Whatthe protestors heard was:

Bullshit!  Bullshit!! Bullshit!!!

Whitemouthpieces spewing nonsense

Cowardsone and all who thought

Thatthey were in control

Of aseething rage about to explode

Theythought that the protestors

Wouldheed their warnings

Becausethey said so

Becausethey held important positions

Becausethey were in charge

Becausetheir white privilege was on high display

Youwill go along with our system

Becausewe said so

Aprosecuting attorney only wants to bring charges

Oncases that they are sure they will win

Ahuman life was of secondary importance

Totheir conviction record

It’sall about winning to them

Bullshit! Bullshit!!  Bullshit!!!

Cowardsone and all


Thursdaynight May 28th, 2020

Thiswhole damn thing didn’t have to happen

Althoughanyone with half a brain

Knewthat it was going to

Youcould see it coming

Likea runaway freight train

Minneapolisis burning

I’msupposed to renounce violence of any sort

Butit’s hard to shed a tear for the demise

Ofthe cop’s Third Precinct Police Station

Becauselike Pontius Pilate passing

Christon to King Herod

Theyfired their own

Butwouldn’t arrest their own

Washingtheir hands they passed the buck

Tocowards even more cowardly than them

Millionsof dollars of damage

Doneto innocent businesses

Apparentlythe white mouthpieces felt that it was

Betterto let the town burn

Thanto take on the cop’s police union

America’sPresident Donald J. Trump

Whowe all know is lying

Ifhis lips are moving

Threatenedthe protestors by Tweeting:

“Whenthe looting starts. The shooting starts.”

Gasolinethrown on the fire

Bythe racist leader of the free world


Fridaymid-morning May 29th, 2020

Thekiller cop has been apprehended

Whilethe three bystander cops

Arestill at large

Toolittle too late

Whiteprivilege is now in flames

Theraw nerves of Americans

Coopedup for three months

Becauseof the health pandemic

Arewildly throbbing across the nation

Thecountry’s eight minute snuff film

Isjust too fresh in mind

Therage is just too intense

Thisoutrage will have to burn itself out

Inits own way, in its own time


Ablack man in handcuffs

Withhis face pushed into the asphalt

Beggingfor his life

Waskilled in the streets

OfMinneapolis, Minnesota

Inthe span of eight minutes

Byfour renegade cops


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