Our days used to begin in a frantic rush

led by Mom herding everyone to wake up,

wash up, eat up and hurry up out the door.

Everyone except me, I never got to go.

My days were spent alone in the house

waiting for everyone to come back home.

I’d make my rounds, look under beds,

check the bathrooms and kitchen then

nap on the couch for the rest of my day.

I live with Mom, Dad, Sissy and Bubba

on a street full of families and their pets.

Our pet is me, a boxer. I answer to Bob.

I don’t know why or what happened, but

everybody stayed home one day, all day

and every day since. I am one lucky dog!

I get more walks, more bow wows with my

buddies and their masked masters, though

not close enough for our usual social sniff.

More snacks, more playing, more petting,

more snuggling, best is not being alone,

but I do miss my long naps on the couch.