People say there is a song for any occasion, and usually, this is a universal rule. There are songs for breakups, songs for weddings, songs to sing, or to cry. But, what about a quarantine? Is there a perfect playlist for this strange limbo we a living? Yes.Music saves it all.

Here, some playlist recommendations for different activities that you and I do (or have done or will do) during this quarantine:

Quarantine Cleaning Playlist:

All of us have to clean. Almost all of us hate doing it. Listen to this playlist, and you will end up dancing with your trapero.

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Quarantine Cooking Playlist:

We are spending a lot of time in our kitchens lately. Listen to this playlist while you cook, and the sabrosura of your dishes will increase by 700%, guaranteed.

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Sunset at the Backyard Playlist (Quarantine Edition)

Sunsets are fantastic in El Paso, and you can see a new one every day from your backyard. Get something to drink, a snack, and enjoy.

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Quarantine Reading Playlist

What a better time to get a book? Grab your favorite, find a comfy place, and enjoy it with this playlist.

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