Introduction to Creative Writing

A Fable By Carolynne Muehsam Ayoub

Written Dec. 2009


On the Eighth Day


           One day Earth Goddess scooped up the Wise Men of all Faiths, placed them in a saltshaker and then shook them out onto a large isle in the Ocean. The priests, rabbis, mullahs and other great leaders of the Faith Clans scowled and grumbled at the Goddess’s apparent lack of respect and rough handling.

           Shel istened to the name-calling and proclamations. A priest objected, “P-f-f, a woman! A goddess! Blasphemous!It is clear in our Holy Book that woman came from Man and she sowed the first disobedience!” Another religious leader insulted the Earth Goddess directly:“It is our duty as head of the family and Church that women submit to our direction!”

           But in spite of their common indignation at the Earth Goddess, the Wise Men began to hurl insults to one another for their religions’ misinterpretations and failures to live up to God’s mandates. “For that’s why we are here on this forsaken island!” they fumed. Their anger rose with each foamy wave that pounded the surf.

           Unbeknownst to the Wiseman, the Earth Goddess had scooped up the wives, daughters, mothers,and sisters of the religious leaders, placed them in a saltshaker and shook them out upon a neighboring isle.  In spite of their varying faiths, the women introduced themselves to one another,and immediately set about collecting food, gathering firewood, and building basic structures to protect themselves from the elements. While bewildered at their new locale, they reasoned it better to take care of the business at hand.

           When the night stars came out, the waves lapped gently on the shores and the women’s songs of thankfulness stretched over the darkness to the isle where the men were still hurling accusations. The men’s strident voices cut through the women’s songs so the women sang their soothing verses louder, offering encouragement and peace. One man, hoarse from yelling and tired of the rancor of his isle, decided to slip into the black waves. Humbly, he asked for divine guidance to deliver him safely to the isle where the women resided.

           “Let me leave any false constructs made by man here on this angry island.” With the water washing around his waist, he declared, “With this stroke, I abandon any self-righteousness and delusion and shall start my life anew.”

           The winds and waves smiled favorably on this homeless soul and at dawn’s break, he was delivered to the sands where the women welcomed him.  He, and those who confronted the inherent arrogance in their exclusionary and domineering beliefs were able to swim safely to this sanctuary where together, both women and men worked side-by-side in mutual respect and without the need to be better than one another.