My last day won’t be decided by a system who deems my life as a non-viable life because of a pandemic.

24 and receiving calls from all your specialists to ask you to sign a DNR.... DO NOT RESUSCITATE... Don't save my life, I'm not worthy!

Look at my medical notes, I'm a mystery anyway set for an early death as it is, my genes are "faulty", my organs are "failing", my bones are "crumbling", my digits are "dying". That's me in the medical field.

My achievements. well they don't matter anyway so let's not get into that! My friend who would be distraught if I wasn't here... not important! My wants and desires... I don't have those anyway!

Needing to go to the hospital for something un related to the pandemic yet knowing some staff won’t want to treat you... not because of the risk of you getting the virus but because you've been told already you’re non-viable!

Lying on your own on a trolley in the hospital wondering if today is your last. What things haven't I said? What things haven't I finished and what things haven't i had the chance to do?

Today wasn't my last day! I will say the things I haven't said. I will finish the things I haven't finished, and I will do the things I haven't yet had the chance to do!