Turn on the TV

with the hope

of being inspired

by the vatic types

with their theophanies

only to find

fire and brimstone –

zilch to lichten

the moody from

their febrile trances.

All they can say

to rioters is

hogtie it until

the government

allowances run dry.

Been unemployed

and living on a reduced

meal plan from the onset –

beanbag tag

on the slip-slope

of Baba Yaga, cannibalism

is now on the table.

The avarice does not

fall far from

the combustive

life capsules.

Can we opt

out of detonating?

Leave us this day –

day off from

our botched regimens,

sandwiches swathed

in an ant farm –

groceries can wait.

Tickle your feet

to feel something

other than the itch

of disservice.

What future do

we have without making

personal sacrifices?